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Rilakkuma Cafe

In my previous post I wrote about lining up for a bowl of Michelin star ramen. Today I lined up for some food again, but this time it was for a whole different reason. Not caring about the taste at all, today it was all about the shape of the food and the restaurant that was serving it: the Rilakkuma cafe. Continue reading “Rilakkuma Cafe”

LaForet Grand Bazar; craziest sale ever

Last Saturday I was very touristically visiting a shrine and an art galery in Harajuku when, from a distance, I noticed that the tree in front of LaForet was covered with balloons. (LaForet is the fashion department store where I bought fukubukuro earlier this year.) There appeared to be a sale called LaForet Grand Bazar going on and the building was just as crowded as when the fukubukuro are being sold. I found a pamflet I couldn’t really read, but I did understand ’25/01 15:00′, and the image of a nearly exploding bomb pretty much said it all. Continue reading “LaForet Grand Bazar; craziest sale ever”

SnackTime: crêpes

Besides a lot of delicious, healthy food, Japan also offers a wide variety of delicious (and probably not very healthy) snacks. Since I like to try snacks, I decided to write about them as well. I’ll start with a snack that is originally not from Japan, but which you can find in many places around Tokyo: the crêpe. Continue reading “SnackTime: crêpes”

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