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SnackTime / school events: okonomiyaki

Today I went to a ‘bake-your-own’ event at school again. This time we made okonomiyaki, a Japanese dish often called ‘a savoury pancake’ because of it’s shape. Continue reading “SnackTime / school events: okonomiyaki”

SnackTime / school events: takoyaki

This post fits into two categories, because takoyaki is a Japanese snack and today I made some of my own at school. Don’t confuse the takoyaki with the taiyaki I wrote about earlier, because it definitly is a whole different kind of snack. Tako means octopus and takoyaki is a ball-shaped, savory snack with octopus inside. Continue reading “SnackTime / school events: takoyaki”

Valentine’s day

Today is Valentine’s day and this day is definitly celebrated in Japan, but in a slightly different way than in the rest of the world; it’s only the women who’re supposed to buy the presents. Continue reading “Valentine’s day”

Everyone loves chocolate

With Valentine’s day approaching all shops seem to sell chocolate now and many restaurants and cafes have Valentine’s day specials. But, as with many things, Japanese people take eating chocolate to a whole different level. Continue reading “Everyone loves chocolate”

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