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Rilakkuma Cafe

In my previous post I wrote about lining up for a bowl of Michelin star ramen. Today I lined up for some food again, but this time it was for a whole different reason. Not caring about the taste at all, today it was all about the shape of the food and the restaurant that was serving it: the Rilakkuma cafe. Continue reading “Rilakkuma Cafe”

8-bit Time Machine

I got the great tip to visit Shinjuku’s 8-bit cafe (thanks Stijn!), so yesterday I decided to go and see what all the enthusiasm was about. The cafe is very easy to walk by, being tucked away on the 4th floor of a building that from the outside doesn’t give any hint of what’s hidden inside. But once inside you’ll definitly agree that the cafe is well worth the search (if you are a bit geeky, that is). Continue reading “8-bit Time Machine”

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