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LaForet Grand Bazar; craziest sale ever

Last Saturday I was very touristically visiting a shrine and an art galery in Harajuku when, from a distance, I noticed that the tree in front of LaForet was covered with balloons. (LaForet is the fashion department store where I bought fukubukuro earlier this year.) There appeared to be a sale called LaForet Grand Bazar going on and the building was just as crowded as when the fukubukuro are being sold. I found a pamflet I couldn’t really read, but I did understand ’25/01 15:00′, and the image of a nearly exploding bomb pretty much said it all. Continue reading “LaForet Grand Bazar; craziest sale ever”

Daikanyama: small town within a big city

Today I visited Daikanyama, an area I’ve been wanting to visit for quite a while but never did. It’s not very far from Shibuya, one of the busiest area’s in Tokyo, but there couldn’t be a greater contrast. Daikanyama is a very nice, quiet area with small non chain shops and cute cafés. Continue reading “Daikanyama: small town within a big city”

Fukubukuro – what’s inside?

Because some people were wondering what was inside the fukubukuro I bought after reading my last post, I decided to post a few pictures.

Most fukubukuro are simple bags made of very thin fabric, but the fukubukuro on this first picture is a nice usable item itself. Inside the bag were a dark grey coat, a grey sweater, a checkered skirt, a striped top and a pair of earrings.

SONY DSC Continue reading “Fukubukuro – what’s inside?”


Today I wanted to get up early (hence the going to bed a bit early yesterday) for another Japanese tradition; fukubukuro. It is a tradition of ‘lucky bags’, sold by all kinds of stores, filled with items from the store. The price you pay for the bag is often just around 30% or even less of the total price of all items inside, according to the pricetags. There is just one catch to this seemingly perfect deal; the bags are sealed and you can’t take a look inside a bag before you buy it. So you basically buy things with a huge discount, but you don’t know what exactly you’re buying. Continue reading “Fukubukuro”

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