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Goodbye Seoul, hello Tokyo!

After my last post I had less than two days left in Seoul. I spent my time visiting the Korean War Memorial and museum, the hectic high-rise area Gangnam (from Psy’s song Gangnam Style), a tempel and yet another palace. The palace (named Changdeokgung) was actually my favourite so far, partly because it was so quiet.

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Seoul (vs Tokyo)

I’ve spent the past few days in Seoul, as a short holiday within my trip to Tokyo. I’ve wanted to visit Seoul for quite some time, and since it is only a 2,5 hours flight away from Tokyo, I thought it would be a good idea to make a short trip. I did read in my Rough Guide that the long and cold winter is the worst time to visit Seoul, but that was unfortunatly when I was already on the airplane. It definitly is a lot colder here than it is in Tokyo right now, but I’m still enjoying myself a lot. Here’s a summary of the past few days and my view of Seoul; Continue reading “Seoul (vs Tokyo)”

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