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SnackTime / school events: okonomiyaki

Today I went to a ‘bake-your-own’ event at school again. This time we made okonomiyaki, a Japanese dish often called ‘a savoury pancake’ because of it’s shape. Continue reading “SnackTime / school events: okonomiyaki”

SnackTime / school events: takoyaki

This post fits into two categories, because takoyaki is a Japanese snack and today I made some of my own at school. Don’t confuse the takoyaki with the taiyaki I wrote about earlier, because it definitly is a whole different kind of snack. Tako means octopus and takoyaki is a ball-shaped, savory snack with octopus inside. Continue reading “SnackTime / school events: takoyaki”

School events: school trip to Mount Fuji

Today I went on a school trip to Mount Fuji. There were two options to choose between and after a long busride we droped off everyone who chose option 1; a day at Fuji-Q Highland (amusement park with some intense roller coasters). Although I would really like to visit Fuji-Q, I chose to stay on the bus for the ‘cultural’ option 2. Continue reading “School events: school trip to Mount Fuji”

School events: wagashi workshop

Recently another school event was announced and I now know that I have to act quick if I want to sign up. Because I really didn’t want to miss out on this particular event, I made sure that my name was the very first on the list. The event was another workshop: making wagashi. Continue reading “School events: wagashi workshop”

School events: sushi workshop

The language school hosts events every now and then, but because there’s a limited amount of people allowed you have to sign up quick. So far I’ve missed the calligraphy lesson and tea ceremony because I didn’t know how important an early sign-up was. But I did sign up in time for today’s event (and probably the best so far): a sushi workshop. Continue reading “School events: sushi workshop”

Back to School

Last Tuesday was my first day at the Japanese language school. There were many new students from around the world – I’m the only one from the Netherlands though – and we all had to take an entrance test to determine in which class we would be placed. I could only understand about one third of the written exam and could only answer about a fifth of the questions asked during the oral exam. So I thought I didn’t do too well, but I still got placed in the second level class (out of four), because the first level is for beginners with no knowledge of the Japanese language at all. Continue reading “Back to School”

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