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Valentine’s day

Today is Valentine’s day and this day is definitly celebrated in Japan, but in a slightly different way than in the rest of the world; it’s only the women who’re supposed to buy the presents. Continue reading “Valentine’s day”

SnackTime: taiyaki

This weeks snacktime is about a real Japanese snack: taiyaki. Taiyaki is a fish-shaped cake with different kinds of fillings. The original taiyaki is filled with red bean paste, but nowadays many sweet and savory fillings are available (though you won’t find as many options as with the crepes). Continue reading “SnackTime: taiyaki”

School events: sushi workshop

The language school hosts events every now and then, but because there’s a limited amount of people allowed you have to sign up quick. So far I’ve missed the calligraphy lesson and tea ceremony because I didn’t know how important an early sign-up was. But I did sign up in time for today’s event (and probably the best so far): a sushi workshop. Continue reading “School events: sushi workshop”

Everyone loves chocolate

With Valentine’s day approaching all shops seem to sell chocolate now and many restaurants and cafes have Valentine’s day specials. But, as with many things, Japanese people take eating chocolate to a whole different level. Continue reading “Everyone loves chocolate”

Everyone loves food – part 2

Just some pictures of food again. On the last picture you can see a traditional Japanese obento (lunchbox), being served by women wearing a kimono in a really nice Japanese restaurant. A bit expensive for a lunch, but really nice to experience at least once. Continue reading “Everyone loves food – part 2”

SnackTime: crêpes

Besides a lot of delicious, healthy food, Japan also offers a wide variety of delicious (and probably not very healthy) snacks. Since I like to try snacks, I decided to write about them as well. I’ll start with a snack that is originally not from Japan, but which you can find in many places around Tokyo: the crêpe. Continue reading “SnackTime: crêpes”

A basement full of food

If you are a food-lover (and I know some readers are) and happen to be in Tokyo someday, visiting Ikebukuro is a must. When arriving by JR train you don’t even have to leave the station, just get yourself to the basement floors. You can choose between the Seibu departmentstore basement (B1F) at the east exit, or the Tobu departmentstore basement (B2F) at the west exit of the station. Both departmentstores have a foodhall in their basement. Continue reading “A basement full of food”

Everyone loves food

I got a few requests via WhatsApp and Snapchat, and basically all of them concerned food. The main thing people seem to be interested in is what I’m having for dinner… So to make everyone happy, below are some pictures of the food I’ve been eating so far. Continue reading “Everyone loves food”

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