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Today I wanted to get up early (hence the going to bed a bit early yesterday) for another Japanese tradition; fukubukuro. It is a tradition of ‘lucky bags’, sold by all kinds of stores, filled with items from the store. The price you pay for the bag is often just around 30% or even less of the total price of all items inside, according to the pricetags. There is just one catch to this seemingly perfect deal; the bags are sealed and you can’t take a look inside a bag before you buy it. So you basically buy things with a huge discount, but you don’t know what exactly you’re buying. Continue reading “Fukubukuro”

New Years Eve in Tokyo

Here it is, my first post from Tokyo! A severe jetlag resulted in a very lazy first day, and on the second day it was already New Years Eve. Although there are some fireworks shows in Tokyo, fireworks on New Years Eve aren’t as common in Japan as they are in many other countries. A very popular tradition in Japan is hatsumode. Japanese people visit a shrine or temple for the first time in the new year, for prayers and to make wishes. Continue reading “New Years Eve in Tokyo”

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