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Yokohama Cup Noodle fun

I haven’t been writing on my blog for a while, because I only have a few weeks left and so many things I still want to do, so writing kind of felt like wasting my time. But today I decided that it is also a waste of my blog if I don’t keep writing until the end of my stay in Japan. So from today I’ll try to post more often again, starting with today’s trip to the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama. Continue reading “Yokohama Cup Noodle fun”

School events: school trip to Mount Fuji

Today I went on a school trip to Mount Fuji. There were two options to choose between and after a long busride we droped off everyone who chose option 1; a day at Fuji-Q Highland (amusement park with some intense roller coasters). Although I would really like to visit Fuji-Q, I chose to stay on the bus for the ‘cultural’ option 2. Continue reading “School events: school trip to Mount Fuji”

Day trip to Nikko

Today I made a day trip to Nikko, a city north of Tokyo. Nikko can be easily reached from Tokyo by train, taking you about 2 hours. The city has several attractions, including it’s shrines and temples (world heritage) and many onsen (Japanese hot springs). A one-day visit to Nikko gives you enough time to visit some highlights. Continue reading “Day trip to Nikko”

Sapporo Snow Festival

I haven’t been writing on my blog for a few days because I made a short trip to Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan. Every year in February the Sapporo Snow Festival takes place. Ticket prices go up and all hotels get fully booked and I’ve been wanting to see what the festival was all about for quite a few years, but never was in Japan in February before. Continue reading “Sapporo Snow Festival”

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