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Neko no Hi (Cat Day)

Today, February 22nd, is officially known as neko no hi (‘cat day’) in Japan. Japanese cats say ‘nya’ instead of ‘meow’, and nya kind of sounds like ‘ni’ (being the Japanese word for ‘two’), so that naturally makes the 22nd day of the 2nd month cat day. Makes sense, right? Ni ni ni, nya nya nya… Continue reading “Neko no Hi (Cat Day)”

Goodbye Seoul, hello Tokyo!

After my last post I had less than two days left in Seoul. I spent my time visiting the Korean War Memorial and museum, the hectic high-rise area Gangnam (from Psy’s song Gangnam Style), a tempel and yet another palace. The palace (named Changdeokgung) was actually my favourite so far, partly because it was so quiet.

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