The sakura cherry blossom trees are pretty much all in full bloom right now, which means that the Japanese people can finally do what they’ve been waiting for: hanami. Which literally means ‘flower viewing’, but it mainly is about having picknick party’s underneath the sakura trees.

During the past week the trees slowly came in full bloom and you suddenly realize they are everywhere around the city. With the first few leaves showing some people already started having picknick party’s (mainly drunk businessman who don’t really seem to care about the flowers, but see it as a great excuse for drinking beer during daytime). But the past two days, with most trees in full bloom and the weather being very springlike, everyone was having picknick party’s.

Including me, of course. On Thursday I had a picknick party with classmates in a small park that only had a few sakura trees and a really nice atmosphere. It is a lot of fun to see the Japanese people, normally giving a calm and reserved impression, getting drunk and suddenly trying to talk to you and wanting to take lots of pictures with you.

Sakura (5)

On Friday we decided to visit one of the most popular and therefore extremely crowded places: Ueno park. The cherry blossom is more white than the pink I expected it to be, but the lanterns in the park colored them to pretty pink at night. I thought Ueno Park would be way to crowded to be fun, but we managed to find a picknick spot and the hundreds of people having picknicks around you just adds to the real hanami experience. Although impossible to capture on a photo, below are a few to give you an idea.