In my previous post I wrote about lining up for a bowl of Michelin star ramen. Today I lined up for some food again, but this time it was for a whole different reason. Not caring about the taste at all, today it was all about the shape of the food and the restaurant that was serving it: the Rilakkuma cafe.

There are several permanent themed cafes and restaurants around Tokyo, like the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara. But every now and then a temporary cafe pops up to promote a certain character, creating long queues of people who want to visit and try the temporary menu. Rilakkuma being my favourite Japanese character, I felt really lucky to be in Japan during the one-month-only temporary Rilakkuma cafe at Harajuku.

The cafe is decorated with pictures of Rilakkuma, a huge screen showing short Rilakkuma video’s and a whole lot of stuffed Rilakkuma dolls. The menu only has a few options, but it was still really hard to choose. I had the Rilakkuma curry and after that the Rilakkuma pancakes for dessert. The food was all shaped like Rilakkuma and friends, making it almost too cute to eat.

You would expect a lot of children at a restaurant like this (or at least I did), but there was only 1 child at the 50 or so seats. At first it felt a bit strange to visit a themed restaurant by myself, but one of the great things about Japan for someone travelling alone is that many Japanese people go to restaurants by themselves, even to the Rilakkuma cafe. Who needs other people anyway, when you can also have dinner with Korilakkuma, right?

RilakkumaCafe (6).jpg

The curry was not that great and a bit too spicy and the pancakes where quite ok though also quite ordinary, but this was nevertheless my best dinner so far! ;D