Although the plum blossom was nice to see, the sakura season is still what everyone is waiting for. The sakura-forecast says that the cherry blossom in Tokyo will start to bloom on the 23th of March, being in full bloom roughly one week later. And with the sakura season only a little over two weeks away, the sakura craze has officially started.

During the sakura season Japanese people will have hanami-party’s (‘flower-viewing’-party’s), which mostly means having picknick-party’s underneath the cherry blossom trees. To get people in the mood (and to make some money out of this extremely popular festivity), stores around the city started selling sakura-related goods. Sakura sweets, icecream, cafe latte, themed beer cans; you can buy pretty much everything with sakura on it or in it now. Even Mc Donald’s joins in on the craze with a ‘Sakura Mc Fizz’ (tasting like a simple strawberry lemonade…). But to be honest, it kind of works and I’m really looking forward to the sakura season!