This post fits into two categories, because takoyaki is a Japanese snack and today I made some of my own at school. Don’t confuse the takoyaki with the taiyaki I wrote about earlier, because it definitly is a whole different kind of snack. Tako means octopus and takoyaki is a ball-shaped, savory snack with octopus inside.

Originally coming from Osaka you should eat takoyaki over there if you have the chance, but you can find them at many small takoyaki shops around Tokyo as well. The first time I tried takoyaki I was – not very pleasantly – suprised by the squiggly octopus tentacle inside. Not being the biggest fan of squiggly octopus tentacles, takoyaki definitly isn’t my favourite Japanese snack.

Takoyaki (8)

But the great thing aboutcooking things yourself is that you can add whichever ingridiënts you like, or leave them out! So today I made some takoyaki, but without the tako. I think the teacher found it a bit strange, but they tasted really great and it was a lot of fun to do.

We had some takoyakimix left and one of my classmates had some chocolate in her bag. So we figured that the teacher, being Japanese, would be totally fine with us trying to make some chocoyaki. The teacher laughed, we ate a really delicious sweet version of the takoyaki, and we inspired others to go to the convenience store downstairs to buy some chocolate. All together it was yet another fun school event!

Takoyaki (9).JPG