Today I went on a school trip to Mount Fuji. There were two options to choose between and after a long busride we droped off everyone who chose option 1; a day at Fuji-Q Highland (amusement park with some intense roller coasters). Although I would really like to visit Fuji-Q, I chose to stay on the bus for the ‘cultural’ option 2.

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We first went to Oshino Ninja Village, where we could experience some ninja fun. There were a few amusing attractions to choose between and I chose to enter the ‘ninja house’; a game of riddles and finding hidden doors, kind of similar to an escape room. Although not very difficult, it was fun to do together with some classmates.

After our ninja experience we had lunch at a lakeside, and after lunch we went on a short boattrip on the lake, which gave a really nice view of Mount Fuji and the other surrounding mountains.

Final stop of the school trip was an onsen. Just like last week, I didn’t take any pictures at the onsen, but it was a really nice experience. The onsen was quite a lot bigger than the one I visited in Nikko, with different baths to choose from. Outside was a small French-looking ‘town’ with some souvenir shops, including a shop that sold really cute Mount Fuji shaped bread.

All together I had a really nice day, and as you can see on the pictures we were really lucky with the weather. Going on a school trip like this almost made me feel like being a high school student again…