Recently another school event was announced and I now know that I have to act quick if I want to sign up. Because I really didn’t want to miss out on this particular event, I made sure that my name was the very first on the list. The event was another workshop: making wagashi.

Wagashi are Japanese sweets, often served with tea. During a traditional Japanese tea ceremony the sweet wagashi play an important role opposite the often quite bitter tea. There are many different kinds of wagashi, their shape often depending on the current season.

SchoolEventsWagashiWorkshop (1).jpg

Wagashi can be made of many different ingredients. Today I made some simple wagashi filled with anko (sweetened red bean paste). Just like during the sushi workshop, all instructions were in Japanese and I had a really hard time understanding what the teachter said. Fortunately she showed all preparation steps and it was easy to copy (although I made the terrible mistake of turning the wagashi clockwise instead of anti-clockwise.. or maybe it was the other way around…).

At the end of the workshop we all got a cup of tea and enjoyed our own made wagashi.