This weeks snacktime is about a real Japanese snack: taiyaki. Taiyaki is a fish-shaped cake with different kinds of fillings. The original taiyaki is filled with red bean paste, but nowadays many sweet and savory fillings are available (though you won’t find as many options as with the crepes).

Taiyaki is originally made from dough quite similar to that of waffles, but the shop I went to also had a croissant-like variation on the taiyaki. I decided to order a croissant-taiyaki with custart and an original taiyaki with something I couldn’t read but looked interesting to try. I’m still not sure what exactely the second one was filled with, but they were both really tasty.
You’re pretty sure to find a taiyaki shop when walking around Tokyo, but if you like the pictures below you should get yourself to Shibuya. I recommend to at least try the original red bean paste taiyaki once (which tastes a lot better than it may sound), but as a lover of sweet things I also recommend the custard croissant-taiyaki.

Taiyaki (1)

Taiyaki (2)

Taiyaki (4)

Taiyaki (5)