The language school hosts events every now and then, but because there’s a limited amount of people allowed you have to sign up quick. So far I’ve missed the calligraphy lesson and tea ceremony because I didn’t know how important an early sign-up was. But I did sign up in time for today’s event (and probably the best so far): a sushi workshop.

Sushiworkshop (1).JPG

The workshop started with a simple but funny sushi quiz and some practicing on a fake nigiri sushi. During the evening we learned how to make three different types of sushi, including a big flower-shaped maki-roll.

The teacher spoke Japanese only, so I sometimes was a bit confused about what exactly we were supposed to do, but I think the result looked quite nice. After all the hard work (and taking some pictures of the results) the workshop ended with eating our own-made sushi.

All together I had a lot of fun, a tasty meal  and I also learned something from the sushi quiz: you are actually not supposed to put wasabi into your soy sauce dish (because not all sushi should be eaten with wasabi, and the ones that do already have wasabi put on them by the sushi chef). Although the teacher did say that foreigners definitly are not the only ones making this mistake, because many Japanese people also have this habit.