I got the great tip to visit Shinjuku’s 8-bit cafe (thanks Stijn!), so yesterday I decided to go and see what all the enthusiasm was about. The cafe is very easy to walk by, being tucked away on the 4th floor of a building that from the outside doesn’t give any hint of what’s hidden inside. But once inside you’ll definitly agree that the cafe is well worth the search (if you are a bit geeky, that is).

The 8-bit cafe, owned by the nicest Japanese guy, is quite small and completely stuffed with video game related items. It’s like a tiny video game history museum, but with the great difference that you’re allowed to touch and play. The sound system plays nostalgic game tunes throughout the night and on the menu are a few nice snacks and a whole list of cocktails with game related names.

So order yourself a Princess Peach Temptation or Donkey Kong (being served on a Kirby or Mario coaster, of course) and go back in time with Mario Kart on the Super Famicon, while F-Zero’s Big Blue is playing on the background. Be warned though; you might enjoy yourself so much that you’ll forget about time, miss the last train and have to wait a few hours for the first train to ride. But then again, spending a few more hours at this awesome cafe is no punishment.

There are some bad-quality pictures below (because you are not allowed to use flash), just to give an impression. The best thing to do is just go and see for yourself. Visit their website for directions (4th option in the menu on the lower left).