Besides a lot of delicious, healthy food, Japan also offers a wide variety of delicious (and probably not very healthy) snacks. Since I like to try snacks, I decided to write about them as well. I’ll start with a snack that is originally not from Japan, but which you can find in many places around Tokyo: the crêpe.

The crêpe is a flat pancake, rolled up and filled with pretty much anything you like, because most shops have a ridiculous amount of filling options to choose from. Most of the fillings are sweet, but there often are some savory options to choose from as well.

SnackTimeCrepe (1)

Crêpes are originally from Brittany, France, and it was the Cafe-Creperie Le Bretagne (near Iidabashi station’s west exit) that introduced the crêpe to Tokyo. They still sell crêpes, but at a higher price than the small shops on the streets.

Although you can find crêpe shops in many places around Tokyo, Harajuku really beats everything when it comes to crêpes. There are several crêpe shops in the same street, even next to eachother, all displaying their ‘menu’ with plastic examples in brightly colored showcases. Prepare to queue if you go on a weekend.

If you’re craving a crêpe in the middle of the night (which would be totally understandable), get yourself to Akihabara, where the Crazy Crepes stays open until 4 am.

In the end it doesn’t really matter when or where you eat a crêpe, as long as you try one before leaving Tokyo.