After my last post I had less than two days left in Seoul. I spent my time visiting the Korean War Memorial and museum, the hectic high-rise area Gangnam (from Psy’s song Gangnam Style), a tempel and yet another palace. The palace (named Changdeokgung) was actually my favourite so far, partly because it was so quiet.

The palace is only about 1 kilometre to the east from the biggest palace in Seoul, where all the tourists are, so it is remarkable that much less tourists seem to find their way to Changdeokgung. At one point I stood in front of the main building all by myself, with the square in front of it being completely empty. That might have also had something to do with the cold, though.

The best part of Changdeokgung is actually it’s so called secret garden, which you can only visit on a guided tour. I took the Korean tour, because I had to be at the airport later that day and couldn’t wait for the English version. So I don’t know much about the garden (and there sure was a lot to tell about it, considering the 1,5 hour tour), but I do know that it is pretty. The Korean people on the tour did find me a bit akward I guess, since I was not listening and sometimes paying more attention to the cats that wandered around than to the garden pavilions.

I decided to add some more cats to my day before heading to the airport. Someone from the hostel where I was staying gave me the great tip that there recently opened a cat cafe near the hostel in Insadong (thanks Helen! ^^). The cats at the cafe are all still very young and therefore extremely cute, with the fluffy grey one named Anna of course being my personal favourite. Visiting the cat cafe was a great way to end my trip to Seoul! There’s a small gallery of my last two days in Seoul down below.

Yesterday evening I arrived back in Tokyo. So far I’ve just unpacked my luggage and explored my new neighbourhood. It’s good to know that there’s a nice supermarket nearby and the language school is just a short and easy walk away. Classes start next week, so more on that soon!