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Sakura picknick party

The sakura cherry blossom trees are pretty much all in full bloom right now, which means that the Japanese people can finally do what they’ve been waiting for: hanami. Which literally means ‘flower viewing’, but it mainly is about having picknick party’s underneath the sakura trees. Continue reading “Sakura picknick party”

Rilakkuma Cafe

In my previous post I wrote about lining up for a bowl of Michelin star ramen. Today I lined up for some food again, but this time it was for a whole different reason. Not caring about the taste at all, today it was all about the shape of the food and the restaurant that was serving it: the Rilakkuma cafe. Continue reading “Rilakkuma Cafe”

Everyone loves food – part 5

Although today’s food pictures might seem quite similar to the pictures in previous posts, there actually is one special dish among them. Continue reading “Everyone loves food – part 5”

SnackTime / school events: okonomiyaki

Today I went to a ‘bake-your-own’ event at school again. This time we made okonomiyaki, a Japanese dish often called ‘a savoury pancake’ because of it’s shape. Continue reading “SnackTime / school events: okonomiyaki”

Tokyo Dome: home of the Giants

Tokyo Dome is a large stadium right in the middle of the city. It is the home field of the Yomiuri Giants baseball team (and hosts other events when there are no baseball games). With baseball being one of the most popular sports in Japan, a Giants game in the Tokyo Dome is quite a happening and today I had a chance to experience their game against the Seibu Lions.

Continue reading “Tokyo Dome: home of the Giants”

Yokohama Cup Noodle fun

I haven’t been writing on my blog for a while, because I only have a few weeks left and so many things I still want to do, so writing kind of felt like wasting my time. But today I decided that it is also a waste of my blog if I don’t keep writing until the end of my stay in Japan. So from today I’ll try to post more often again, starting with today’s trip to the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama. Continue reading “Yokohama Cup Noodle fun”

Everyone loves food – part 4

It’s time for some food pictures again! The first two pictures need some further explanation; I took them at the rather famous ramen(noodle) shop Ichiran ramen, where it’s all about experiencing the perfect ramen taste. Continue reading “Everyone loves food – part 4”

Sakura craze

Although the plum blossom was nice to see, the sakura season is still what everyone is waiting for. The sakura-forecast says that the cherry blossom in Tokyo will start to bloom on the 23th of March, being in full bloom roughly one week later. And with the sakura season only a little over two weeks away, the sakura craze has officially started. Continue reading “Sakura craze”

SnackTime / school events: takoyaki

This post fits into two categories, because takoyaki is a Japanese snack and today I made some of my own at school. Don’t confuse the takoyaki with the taiyaki I wrote about earlier, because it definitly is a whole different kind of snack. Tako means octopus and takoyaki is a ball-shaped, savory snack with octopus inside. Continue reading “SnackTime / school events: takoyaki”

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